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    Exclamation Thunderbird Deletes Trash, But I Told It Not To!

    After a recent update, my friend's Thunderbird was deleting most of the email in her Trash folder as it became >30 days old (but leaving the really old stuff in there). This was a big problem, as she used her Trash as a holding area, and never wanted it deleted.

    As I work-around, I tried to change the Retention Policy for that folder from "Default" (which was "Never Delete") to "Never Delete," thinking it was a bug and this might be a work-around.

    The next day, all the old items are gone from her Trash folder. What on Earth?!?

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    I cannot account for what happens to the "Trash", but it is HIGHLY advised to use "Archive" for this purpose in the future.

    Meantime restore from the last backup and move everything from "Trash" to "Archive", then reset the properties by toggling them from any setting then back to what you desire. Also there may be better help here:
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