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    Windows installer damaged -no way of getting it working

    On a Windows XPPro Sp3 32 bit.

    There is no way of getting it to work.

    Have noticed it through Outlook 2003. Word 2003 is set as the text editor, but all of a sudden I got an announcement that Word was set as the predetermined text editor but that it will not load as such. When going to "detect and repair", I get the announcement that (I translate from Spanish), that:

    "There is no access to the Windows installer. This may be due to Windows Installer not being properly installed. Get in touch with Technical Support for help".

    Well, I go to Technet and unload the latest (I think is 4.5) version. Go through all the movements, and no way. Same answer. (but Word works as usual other than inside Outlook)

    Plus, of course, this happens with other apps as well -and for instance when trying to upgrade the antivirus (not update, but to upgrade from 2012 to 2013 version), and with, for instance, Tune Up utilities, but not with others.

    This is quite frustrating (and handicapping as well).

    Any solutions?

    Thanks a lot -plus, of course, a happy 2013 to everybody


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    See if the advice given in the first reply helps:

    f it does not, maybe try the advice here:

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