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    Question CPU/Motherboard setup

    I wanted to upgrade the memory in my Abit NF8-V motherboard to run Win 7. It has 2x512 MB PC3200 Ram and an AMD Athalon 64 processor running Win 2K. 2GB of Ram is all it will hold. So I was looking to upgrade to a new motherboard. The manufacturers list their boards with a lot of code as to what is in it. CPUs are listed the same way. So do I select the CPU first and then the motherboard or vice versa? I want a basic system, not one that will transport me to outer space. I have a lot of equipment that is 5 years old (IDE disk drives & DVD drives, video cards, parallel printers, etc.). Where do I start to find the hardware and do I need to go to all SATA drives?

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    You might want to go with some sort of combo deal, or at least use them as a guide for picking out a processor to go with a motherboard if you're looking for something specific on the motherboard like a legacy IDE port.
    Its probably time to replace the old IDE drives as well though, keep them as spares maybe that can be used with a USB to SATA/IDE adapter or if you just want to see how long you make them last and don't find a legacy IDE mobo, there are also little IDE to SATA power and data adapters that fit between the IDE drive and the sata port cable. DVD drives are cheap, get a SATA type if need be, for video card, there's a pretty good chance that the port is not the same on a new mobo as it is on that old one; if so it won't fit and won't be able to work on the new mobo. Of course any old RAM will not be compatible with any new mobo so expect to purchase that as well.

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    I agree, dump the IDE drives and parallel printer, as these will become even more antiquated than they all ready are.
    Now will be the best time to upgrade old hardware as it will become much harder to do if your new choice of board is accommodating
    your current antiquated hardware and peripherals.
    Typically one chooses a board based around the chipset and processor that offer the desired feature sets.

    Newegg offers a website with an easy interface to compare products and prices.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I would keep all your peripherals and use an all in one motherboard like the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3. Then add memory and CPU to suit.

    cheers, Paul

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    Mother board choices is like the flavor of the month. It depends on what you want to do. I have used a number of brand names from Intel, NVidia, Asus,
    MSI, Gigabyte etc. They all have their issues and peculiarities. I had better luck with Intel over the years while others like Asus. Replacing a MOBO is the same as Buying a new PC, for all intent and purposes. You keep as many of your existing peripherals as you can but if you can swap out a motherboard, you are pretty much at a top of the technical food chain.

    I agree that you should go with all SATA if you can, but I retained my parallel card and com port connections because it was simply easier. Printers are going to run at a certain speed and even connecting a printer to a USB 3.0 does not necessarily mean the printers are running faster. I still have an external modem which I use from time to time therefore, I modified my replacements to match what I needed to do. I would also caution that getting the "best and fastest" is not always necessary; you simply need what you need but bragging rights can cost you extra money.

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