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    No Graphics -- Again!

    OK, I was sitting here, minding my own business, when, after updating my AV etc., I rebooted -- but it never got past the opening screen.

    Come to find, strangely [to me at least] that I had a USB port problem -- as yet unresolved -- and that once I quit using that port, the machine booted.

    BUT, after that, suddenly it seems, I again have no graphics showing in my HTML mail. So, let me get this straight: If, when I go to "File / Options / Trust Center / Trust Center Settings /. Don't Download pictures automatically..." and I see that the box is NOT checked, then the graphics should show up, yes? And, if they do not, it is what, a setting at my ISP [1&1] that is wrong?

    I had this darn thing all fixed, and now, here I am again... )(&*&^%^^%I&**_()*.

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    Yes, you want "Don't download ...." unchecked. Since one of the last things you did was update your AV, try disabling it. If that still doesn't help, try a system restore.


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