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    Question VirtualBox and Virtual XP mode--very simple questions

    I would like to have a virtual Windows 7 machine to experiment with new software. I plan to try VirtualBox first (since I have Windows 7 Professional I could use Microsoft's virtual capability, but my understanding is that VirtualBox is superior), but I can't locate the answer to a very simple question: Can I use my Dell Windows 7 installation disk with VirtualBox or it is necessary to acquire a second copy of Windows 7?

    If I have to have a second copy of Windows 7 then I'm afraid I'm very unclear on what to buy and where I can get it: On eBay and Amazon I see lots of versions of Windows 7 (all of them pretty expensive), from System Builder versions to Upgrade versions. Can anyone give me some guidance on this?

    Finally, if I use Microsoft's virtual XP mode as a fallback option, will I be able to make copies of the initial XP installation (the way Fred does with VirtualBox) in order to conveniently benchmark different software options?

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give me,


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    If you want to run a second copy of Windows 7 you'll need another licensed version. You'll need a retail full product version unless you have an old copy of a prior Windows OS that qualifies to be upgraded to Windows 7. If you can get an upgrade version of Windows 7 it will be much less expensive.

    With XP mode you can use the Virtual PC capability of making a snapshot of the VM which can be used to return to a specific software state.


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    If you can find an old copy of VMware Player (version 3, not 4 or 5 series) it has the import XP Mode right in the menu. Once imported, you do have to use VMware Player (the best one anyway I think) but then you can make a backup copy and just delete a working copy at any time and copy in a "fresh" one. Heck, you can even run two at the same time if you have enough resources and make a computer name change and put in a different I.P. address before bringing in the second.

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