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Thread: 4g ?

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    4g ?

    Yesterday my son was using his Win 7 phone to text a few friends. One of his friends was able to talk on their phone (Android 4G), and send a text that included a photo. My son was talking on his phone (Win 7 3G) / Wi-Fi and was able to receive the text, with attachment, but was not able to open the attachment until he was off of the phone. He also mentioned and I verified that he could send a text while on the phone, but couldn't send a text with an attachment.
    Is this more of a 3G vs. 4G thing or does it sound like a limitation in the Win 7 Phone vs. others?


    Thanks John
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    It's much more likely to be due to the phone OS capability (Win7Phone versus Android) or carrier rather than network capability.

    The differences between 3G and 4G should only be limited to network capability (speed, bandwidth, range etc...). If the Win7 Phone on 3G could receive the text with the photo attachment, it should have been able to open it without dropping the call.

    I'm a bit rusty on this, but I think I did something similar on an iPhone a couple of years ago and could open the attachment while the call was in progress (but I may easily have been on 2G rather than 3G at the time).
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