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    Middle mouse button

    I could have sworn Win98SE had native support for 3-button mice using the default msmouse drivers.

    But I just switched from my Logitech drivers (just the drivers, none of the added control software) to the default msmouse drivers, and the middle button no longer scrolls in Office and IE.

    Is there a registry key that needs to be flipped?

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    Re: Middle mouse button

    are you using the intellimouse drivers? although that should be what is installed by default. they will allow logitech to scroll, i use them because of the differences in how logitech handles scroll.

    which mouse do you have? did you uninstall then reinstall or just change drivers?

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    Re: Middle mouse button

    I'm using msmouse.vxd and mouse.drv, which are the 'Standard PS/2 Port Mouse' drivers in Win98SE.

    I'm not using any additional drivers or controllers.

    I want to use the standard default drivers for a while to help troubleshoot a VXD problem I'm having.

    The 'mouse' is a Logitech Trackman Marble PS/2 Port. I had the Logitech drivers v9.01 installed (only the drivers - LMOUSE - not all the bloatware that comes with it).

    I removed the mouse from Device Manager (which didn't really remove it), so I redected and told windows to use the 'Standard PS/2 Port Mouse' drivers. So now there is not Logitech drivers being used, just msmouse.vxd and mouse.drv (and technically, VMOUSE, which is embedded in VMM).

    I thought the msmouse.vxd driver supported the middle button, but I get not action from the middle button (I did with the logitech drivers).

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