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Thread: Movie problem

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    Movie problem

    When I download a movie from IPone to my PC (which has Windows 7 and Office 2010) the movie is download side ways. When I watch the movie on my IPone it shows up OK (Up right). What am I doing wrong when I download it to my PC?

    Thanks in Advance.

    P.S. - Not sure if this was where I should post this problem........

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    which movie player are you using in your computer?
    Suggest you try vlc, I guess it has something to do with the codec.

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    It might be that the movie is oriented that way; the iPhone and other phones can automatically orient a video; PCs, not so much.
    I think there is a setting in VLC to turn the video by 90 degrees at a time so you can get it oriented properly for watching.

    When playing, look under Tools, Effects and Filters, Video effects tab, Geometry tab, and check the Transform box and try settings there.
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