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    Win7 MS Office 2007 Cut/Paste Fails

    Here's a variant with Win7 and MS Office 2007 - Cut/Paste fails weirdly most, but not all times (copy/paste is fine, or I would be getting a rebuild). In Word or Outlook, with text that I mark and cut, then try to paste, it seems to create a graphic sort of "block" about the size of the marked text, but nothing appears aside from the block outline in the new spot in the document. If I try the same operation with mark/copy/delete key/paste, it works fine for the desired effect, but that is a "new" way of doing it for me in the last few months.

    Unfortunately, this is a work PC with all kinds of corporate lock-down/management pieces active, and when I posted the problem on our internal Yammer site, a number of folks confirmed the same behavior (or almost the same, so maybe different issue?), but no one in IT support 'fessed up to any of the selective patches they pushed out to everyone being a culprit (seems they follow Susan Bradley's practice of checking MS patches before pushing, and do not blindly push all as they come from MS). However, some folks claim there is no such problem for them, so it's a "YMMV" mystery.

    Anyone seen this (and with a fix I would hope)?

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