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    Anti-Malware Resource Hogs?

    Over the years I have been a WS reader, I have noted several articles that purport to measure AV / anti-malware impact on operations. They all seem to limit their analysis to boot / shutdown speed. This may be nice to know but this info is meaningless for one such as myself who normally re-boots once a week, if that often. An additional 30-45 seconds to log in is less than a nit in my world.

    What I would like to know is this: Do these guys run continuously in the background or do they only monitor downloads? If continuous operation, do these applications have any noticeable / measurable impact on normal operations? I do very little "office" type applications. A few spreadsheets updated once a day, some letters, internet aps such as email & news are what I do mostly, 2-3 hours a day on average. I use MSE, Defender, MSoft Firewall and monthly MSoft Security Scan.
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    If all you are doing is internet apps you really don't have to worry about any impact of your security software as your browser isn't even begining to tax the capabilities of any fairly recent {5 years} PC. The only problem I could forsee is if you have limited RAM in your computer say less than 2Gb but that is easily and cheaply remidied.
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    I have AVG 2013 AV Pro, Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro, Spybot Search and Destroy and Windows Firewall all running in real time. They all play well with each other. The total Ram used is about 200 Mb, there is very low CPU usage from these apps, and I feel very secure.
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    Vipre used to be virtually unnoticeable, even when it was scanning. The last several years, however, the computer slows down noticeably during a scan. If I need to use it during a scan, I'll pause the scan. The problem is, I often forget to resume the scan.

    This is only a problem when I do the weekly full scan, because the nightly quick scan is always finished before I get up the next morning.

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