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    Question Stuck trying to Use System Restore

    Win7; 32 bit; mobo is ASUS M4A78T-E
    I need to restore registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Features. I knew that a Restore Point had been set just before logging off the night before and so I checked with the Help screen to be sure I got the procedure right. That tells me to bring up the restore applet, reboot and hit F8 when asked to choose which OS to boot from. Problem --- confirmed by the tech for ASUS --- is that ASUS uses F8 as its only jump key. Nothing I've tried gets me to a listing of the restore points to choose the most recent.
    Well, okay, I'll just go through the RESTORE process. Soon after the included reboot, the RESTORE program halts with the 0x80070005 error which the error message indicates might RPT might be caused some program like an antivirus program. Hmmm. I have gone to SERVICES and can only find "Zone Alarm LTD Toolbar IswSvc". I can disable that (so it does not start up after the reboot) but is that what I am after? Zone Alarm is my antivirus, etc.
    Be happy for any help --- the Windows7 site is decidedly not to helpful.
    Finally, how important is this registry entry anyway?

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    The Restore process to which you refer is to reset the PC to factory settings. A Windows System Restore is performed from within Windows.

    To perform a Windows System Restore go to Control Panel | System and Security | Backup and Restore | Recover System Settings on Your Computer.

    NOTE: you may have to boot into safe mode if your A/V is interfering with the restore process.


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