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    I cant achieve this MS Access Task

    I am new to Ms Access 2007. I want to achieve the simple task of having a form that i can input data in it with validations and have the data stored somewhere(in a record/table) and then be able to print the data out on a Pre-printed Customised Paper.Attached is a sample of the Pre-Printed customised paper and attached also is the Ms Access File that i created.I only designed the form.I will be very grateful if somebody can help me with tips on how to achieve my task or if someone can help me complete it or state how i can design the report such that i will be able to print it on my own Customised paper.NOTE PLEASE.Once a record is saved,i dont want it to allow for deletion,only edits and modifications.

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    Dr Dre,

    I have done something similar to this in MS Access. What I did was pasted a document (in your case it would be a .jpg file) into a blank report, then inserted fields where required over the top. You should be able to place your fields correctly this way. Once you have tested the placement of your fields, you can delete the .jpg picture from the background and simply leave the fields as placed, then save your Report for future printing.

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