2 problems with recently purchased iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.2 / iTunes

When streaming ("home sharing") from PC , all of the "songs" stored on my PC (ripped from my CDs), but only 60 of the approx 1000 albums involved, are shown on the iPhone. A presumably related problem is that the search function does not work.

Individual tracks and albums can be played from the list of songs, but finding them without the search function involves trawling through 14000+ songs. The problem may have been triggered by adopting the settings already on the computer for my now sold iPod Touch, but I had absolutely no issues of this sort with the Touch.

Only about half of the album covers (Artwork) are shown on the PC and the iPhone, despite repeatedly going through the Get Album Artwork routine for the whole collection. The missing examples include many that are not particularly obscure so would definitely be available.

Any help much appreciated.