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    Windows shutdown problem

    I also have shutdown issues. I've done some research into it but no joy. If I do a safe mode boot, it will take over 2 minutes to shutdown. This seems to show that it isn't a driver issue for third party software. The clear page file is set to (0) in the registry, I've tried a few registry tweaks mentioned on other sites but to no avail. Windows 7 works fine while up, it is only the shutdown that seems to hang forever. I can't remember when it started, but it seems to be Microsoft related and not other software. The hard drive seems to write forever. I've tried disabling write back cache, no change, disabled network adapter, no change. It is a bother when I reboot to another Operating system to play my car simulators on XP, which shutdowns in about 30 seconds. The sytem is set up to triple boot between Windows7, Windows XP , and Linux with the Windows 7 bootloader and BCD assistance. There are errors in the performance logs, but only a few seconds of time involved. The error logs are hard to figure out what software/driver cause them. System consists of AMD Phenom, 2 sata drives and nothing too exotic. Any new ideas to try would be greatly appreciated.

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    Did you look here?
    Event Viewer>Applications and services logs>Microsoft>Windows>Diagnostics-Performance
    Look at the warnings as well as the errors. Most items on my PC identify the service or program causing the issue.


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