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    deleting data on external hard drive

    I'm not the best at running my backups since I bought this drive. I've had this seagate 9SD2A4-500 gb external drive for six months and have ran three backups through win7 backup only three times. Every one has had a problem completing or some messsage I cant remember what exactly it said now, but what I want to do is delete the data currently on the drive and start with a new program like Acronis or something similar. Seems like I've always had some problem with windows backups from XP and Vista. It may be something I'm doing but I dont think so. It's usually pretty straight forward to running a back up. So, how do I delete what's on this Seagate and start over. Pulling up the Seagate folder from programs it gives no options other to run a backup. Don't need alot of help but this one has me puzzled.

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    The disk should show up in Windows as a drive. If it doesn't you need to run Disk Manager and initialize it - Start > Run > diskmgmt.msc
    Once you can see the disk in Windows Explorer you can delete files, but I'd leave the Seagate ones in case you want to use them.

    Macrium Reflect free gets good reviews from the people here. It will make an image backup and backup your files as well.

    cheers, Paul

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