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    Lightbulb Windows update at Microsoft update site hung forever...but...

    Thought I'd add my experience to the KB here. Nary a word about this one out there.

    I was cleaning up a friend's Win XP SP3 as he thought there was a virus (verrry slow machine). I ran Belarc to check status of sys-software etc. loaded, and no Win Security updates done for hmmm 2+ years. No viruses, but a bit of malware esp. CouponCmpanion and BroadcastPC. Cleaned up b4 doing the sys/software updates. I cleaned and defragged the registry.

    I ran Windows Update and off it went to the Microsoft Update site. After a while (15 mins), it successfully validated the machine/software, and gave the options Express or Custom update. I chose Express. Then comes:

    "Checking for the latest updates for your computer..."

    Two hours later (I moved on to cleaning up his Win2000 server) XP one is still "Checking for the latest updates for your computer..."

    I interrupted, and googled "Windows XP SP3 Checking for the latest updates for your computer... hangs".

    I followed every thing out there that Msft had to say about it (including their Mr. Fixit on their Windows site) and other reputable sites about how the win security update infrastructure could be messed up and how to fix it. Boy I could write a manual on what could go wrong, all plausible. Reran wua dll's from cmd, and such other stuff.

    Each time I thought it was good to go, I'd head back to the update site, and it is still "Checking for the latest updates for your computer..." forEVER. I come back after dinner and 7pm turns to 9:23pm. Still it's still "Checking for the latest updates for your computer..."

    Now it's 10pm. Duh! Finally bwight idee. I go to the folder where Win XP puts the update files.

    Yesh, there are six gazilllion of them oddly time-stamped with long breaks from 2pm all the way to 9:23pm, 9:46pm... and continuing...

    It had been downloading them all this time I was freaking out. It just doesn't tell you or give you any progress updates. He needed over 130 of them, incl. IE 8. I felt more like a royal you know what. So if this happens do check your drive:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder.
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