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    OLE server isn't registerd...ETC. (Access 97 SR-2, ODE (with Office 2000))

    I recently purchased a copy of Office 97 Developers Edition. I installed all of the developers tool and then proceeded to attempt to use the Active X controls.

    However, when ever I attempt to insert on of the controls onto a form I get the mentioned message. I am at a lost how to resolve the issue.

    Also, with several of the Active X controls, I get a messaging saying that I am not licensed to use the control. Strange.

    Also, can any provide me with a list of ALL the additional controls included with 97 Developers tools? I think there are a total of 14.

    Finally, is there an update available for 97 Developers tools?

    OK. Thanks so much.

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    Re: OLE server isn't registerd...ETC. (Access 97 SR-2, ODE (with Office 20

    You may be running into a version conflict with Office 2000, since the built-in ActiveX controls aren't entirely compatible between the two versions. Also, many of the controls (the third party ones) that come with the Developers tools are evaluation versions and are not licensed. Some of them are licensed through Visual Studio, so you won't have a license unless you also have VB Pro or another Visual Studio component installed.

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