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Thread: Music Transfer

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    Music Transfer

    I'm using Windows 8 pro and I downkoaded and installed the free Windows Media Center.
    I have lots of music track (I transfered all my CD's to the computer using iPhone. I don't like the latest iteration of the program as it's becoming more and more centered on their selling music. I would like to transfer my music to Windows Media Center. Is there a way of importing my music from iTunes into the media center and running it froim there?

    Just for the record there is no stealing here, I own all the CD's about 500 disks.

    Thaat's only the pop and jazz music. Doesn't count the classical stuff.


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    If the music is listed in the Music Library, and is of a format that can be read by Media Center, then you should not have a problem. One of the reasons I do not like or use iTunes is it does not work on devices made for anything but Apple. It seems to be very proprietary. See if this article answers your question about converting iTune file to a format that can be used by Windows.
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