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    hidden dialog boxes (OfficeXP / WinXP)

    I am running OfficeXP on a WinXP box, and am encountering dialog boxes that appear behind, rather than in fron of, the main window. This happens frequently, but not all the time, with print, open and save dialog boxes.

    It also happens with Outlook contact windows when I look search for a contact. If there are multiple possible responses to the search request, the dialog box asking which one I want shows up behind the main window, and when I select a particular contact, that contact window also shows up behind.

    The interesting thing is that the main window and the dialog box "act" as though they were in the proper positions, which is to say that the main window is non-responsive as long as the dialog box is waiting for input. The only way to get to the dialog box, however, is to minimize the main window.

    This does not seem to affect programs other than those in Office (although I may simply be oblivious, since I use Office programs more than any other program, and even in Office the hidden dialog does not alwas occur).

    I have other machines running OfficeXP on WinXP. and don't recall this happening on them, so I'm guessing that it is a result of some sort of interreaction between Office and something else, but I don't for the life of me know what.

    Has anyone else seen this? Any thoughts?

    BTW, if another version of this post shows up, I apologise. I started this post a moment ago and got distracted when someone came into my office. I hit a key accidentally, and when I turned back to the machine, the post was gone - I don't think I actually sent it to the lounge (since it wasn't complete, I hope not), but apologise for the double post if I did.


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    Re: hidden dialog boxes (OfficeXP / WinXP)

    I think, but I AM NOT SURE, that it's WIndows XP, not Office XP problem. Try this:
    If you didn't done it yet, install TweakUI from Windows XP Power Toys (available from Windowsupdate website); open TweakUI from Control Panel, click General tab and uncheck "Prevent applications from stealing focus" checkbox. Maybe it can help.

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