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Thread: Word tables

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    Word tables

    I think I submitted a thread to the wrong forum, this subject was submitted to Win7 forum, it should be here.

    I have a document that was written by someone else, it's in Word 2003 and it's a table with rows and columns. Can I remove the lines in certain rows? Also, can I change the row height? So far, I can't figure out how to do either. I'm running Win7. Word 2003 is what I have, I can't afford to upgrade.

    Joe Kovacs

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    I haven't got Word 2003 anymore, but I believe to change the row height, you first select the row you want to change. Go to the Tables menu, Table Properties, Row. Remember that Word 2003 often hides less-used commands, so you may have to pull down the entire menu.

    As to the lines, it depends on whether they are cell borders paragraph borders or grid lines. If they are grid lines, they are visible or not for the whole table, not just certain rows. Go to the Table menu, and select HIDE/SHOW gridlines. For borders, you can select the row, and go to TABLES, TABLE PROPERTIES, Table, Borders & Shadings

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    I have found that the easiest way to remove certain lines in a Word table is to select the cells in question, then reselect the lines you want to have.

    If you want none of the lines to print or to show, you can easily select the entire table, then make the lines white. Assuming your background color is white, the lines will no longer show up.

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