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    printer clicks a lot then when it starts printing the paper jams

    winxppro sp3
    brother hl1440 printer
    workhorse for 9 years

    now it has started making a lot of clicking noises (most but not all the time)
    when it has done that there will be a paper jam shortly after the paper starts moving
    sometimes (rare) there is no noise and the paper moves freely.

    when the jam is cleared the odds of it working right have improved
    if and when it does work it usually keeps feeding and printing all the sheets in tha tdocument
    but the next one may start out with the clicking problem again first

    researched the net
    foudn a couple of sort of possible causes
    many off the wall things that are metaphysically impossible for this printer
    tried all that i could
    most of them seemed to make the printer work once
    but the next time the clicking is back again

    hawthorne effect ??????????

    brother says take it to a dealer
    they want 2/3 the cost of a new printer to just look at this one

    the clicking will happen with the paper tray out so it is not the printer trying to get to the first sheet of paper

    tried new toner and new drum
    cleaned the corona wire
    cleaned all stuff out of printer (found one little scrap of paper on back roller)
    cleaned the scan window

    nothing obviously broken ie gears
    dont see any sensors to clean

    so any ideas of WHERE to look for more info
    or WHAT could be making that clicking noise

    it is almost like there is a clutch like old manual cars
    and the gears are not meshing right like if you tried to shift without the clutch
    except more clicking and not a grinding noise like my old vw would have made

    with a new drum and toner the fuser part should be good too
    not sure what else could go bad that would need replacement at a dealer
    nor what could be making that noise

    any ideas? all suggestions really welcome !

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    Wow, "workhorse for nine years". That must be about 180 in "human" years.
    IMHO it is time to put it out to pasture and let a young buck have a turn.
    My body started clicking at 3 printer years. YMMV
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    I have to agree. That printer has served you well. It sounds like it's time to retire it. If I were you I would look into another brother.
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