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    Results of running CC cleaner

    When I run CC Cleaner I usually get a vast number of TMP files in IE 5 directory. I never use any IE but do have IE 8 installed.


    I ran the cleaner and then in just a few minutes ran it again. There were 14 files in the Internet Explorer-Temporary Internet files.

    Is this a normal operation. If I don't run the cleaner for a week or more there are Thousands of files in there.



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    I do not see anything out of the ordinary. Each Web page is composed on many files. Personally, I do not worry too much about how many files CCleaner sees. I have my browser set up to delete many of the files and cookies when I close the browser. the only things I keep are the web pages I sign into regularly.
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    Thousands, YES! That's why some of us use the Cleanup batch file in our Startup folder, to keep down the weeds!
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    I run the built-in Windows disk cleanup utility (cleanmgr.exe) via Task Scheduler every night. I have the parameters set with the /sageset switch (all checkboxes selected) and run it with the /sagerun switch.

    I have CCleaner installed on my system, but I never use it to actually remove anything, just to check to see that it's still fairly useless for me. Every time I run it, CCleaner finds virtually the same total numbers/sizes of files. There are always between 425MB and 450MB of Temporary Internet Files. I have the Temporary Internet Files cache sized at 160MB per user. Deleting those files serves no real purpose, as the cache will just reload as the internet is being used. As it is now, the oldest files get purged by newer files, and the cache size stays relatively constant.
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