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    Taming iTunes in Windows

    I have three computers and an iPad. Two of the three computers run Windows 7, the other runs XP. I also have a networked hard drive.

    Currently I have iTunes installed on the iPad and two of the computers. The libraries are confused, or at least confusing to me.

    I want to do the following:

    1. Consolidate all my music in one folder, either on one of the computers or the networked hard drive.
    2. Be able to access the library from all of the computers, either through an iTunes installation on each of them, or some other means.
    3. Be able to sync my iPad from one or more of the computers. I don't much care if I'm restricted to using only one -- I just want to be able to DO it.
    4. When accessing the library from any of these places, the album art, organization into albums, etc. should be consistent and in the same format, regardless of where it is accessed from.
    5. Prevent iTunes from automatically adding things to my music folder (and/or library) when I play them. I do NOT want some little ringtone that I listen to on the Internet to be added to my master library.

    Can I do this stuff, and if so, how? (iTunes is beloved by many, but seems pretty clunky to me)
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    See if this is of any help:


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    I feel your pain.

    My journey began when I built a new PC and searched to see how to set up iTunes on it and transfer all of my iPod Touch "stuff" from the old PC to the new one, specifically making sure I didn't lose any of my apps. I had originally considered using iTunes on both PCs (I planned to keep the old one running) but, after searching for a method that would allow that to work, I gave up on it fairly quickly. You see (IMHO), iTunes was apparently designed to work with minimal technical knowledge on the part of the user and, because of that, it necessarily became complex within itself. That complexity makes it difficult to tailor the use of it to anyone's particular oddball usage (like syncing an iPod or iPad to several PC's).

    In the end, I decided to leave iTunes running on only the old XP computer and anytime I needed to sync my iPod (and my new iPad as well) or add new music or install new apps, everything runs off the iTunes on that computer alone. [There was also a side trip taken about how BonJour is installed along with iTunes and screws around with your network settings; that also helped me choose to run iTunes just on the XP PC].

    If you still want to try banging your head on the iTunes-multiple PC wall, here are a couple of links that I found helpful in my quest. They should get you started, at least.

    Two computers two itunes 1 Ipod

    Syncing your iPod/iPhone to a new iTunes library? Look here first.

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    Ufff, finally installed the latest version of iTunes out of necessity and the trend toward hiding all function and controls continues. Could designers at least leave the menu bar alone and let users hide it if they don't want to see it instead of starting out with a virtually interface-free GUI? Darn this touch interface creep into areas where it doesn't belong! GU!

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