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    Macro for Word Active X Object to Excel

    I have a project that involves over 150 students taking an exam. I am trying to automate the grading of these as much as possible. From reading around several outlets, I have seen that I can add Active X objects to my exam (a Word doc), this would allow the students to take the exam on a computer as opposed to on paper. Then I was wondering if there was a way to add a macro to Excel file that would read information from those objects in the Word document. I see the need to have radio buttons, check boxes, and text boxes depending on the question. I will try to attach sample Word and Excel files.

    If anyone has advice on (1.) how to identify which Word doc to read from (I anticipate changing this for each exam being graded) and (2.) how to get the Excel Macro to read the information out of the object in the Word doc. I am guess that I could have it look at a radio button and tell if it is filled in or not (i.e. value = True or False). If I can get that information, I feel fairly confident about my ability to have cells in the Excel be populated with information. My sample will show an answer column and a point column, at this point I would be happy to have either column filled in.

    Any advice you would have would be greatly appreciated.

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