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    Server 2008 - windows 7 deployment - Flash, Java and shockwave disappearing

    Hi everyone,

    I suspect that we already know the answer, but would be nice to have it confirmed. We have a situation. A Server (ML110) with Server 2008 standard has 32 workstations in an ICT suite for a local school. There are group policies involved to restrict users from installing or deleting items etc. The 32 workstations have windows 7 professional installed. All are on a domain.

    The problem: We were told that some websites didn't work properly and notices that it was Flash, Java or Shockwave that needed installing on 'some' not all. So, our apprentice Dan, reinstalled Flash on all the failing machines. It happened again a week later, but not all the same machines. He did it again. Each time, installing them using the admin account. We cannot continue anymore with the fire fighting..

    I created 3 PC's (vostro 200, 230 and 260) units and built the perfect build. I cloned an image which was then used to deploy the units to each of the machines. This is where I think the problem lies.

    A: the machines were not sysprepped and therfore carry the same license and system ID through out.
    B: Activation was required for each PC where a volume license would be different.

    I think the lack of sysprep and the same system ID is causing the problem. Therefore a licensing issue. Our plan is to create the new images with a volume academic license and use the Windows Deployment Service having sysprepped the image correctly.

    Is this likely to resolve the problem?
    Has anyone seen flash remove itself before?

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    I doubt it is a licensing issue, but you can fix that with the "slmgr" utility. "slmgr /?" from the command line.
    Is it possible that the machines are reverting to "last known good" config - students like playing.
    As the machines are on a domain you should be installing flash via group policy, not visiting them all.

    cheers, Paul

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