I just ordered my new HTC 8X Windows phone. Yesterday I decided to read through the owners manual to see what was different. There appears to be some really nice new features vs. the 7.5 phone that I have now.
One item though has me wondering.
If I recieve a call now when I am on another call it is quite simple to switch between them, finish the second call and go back to the original call. See Screen Shot HTC Trophy.
On the new HTC 8X, apparently that is not available. It seems according to the manual that when I end the second call it also disconnects the first call. See Screen Shot HTC 8X. I spoke to HTC, and they said that that is the way that the Windows software works. WTH?

I will be getting ahold of Verizon to see if they can shed any more informing light on this but thought that I would post it here to see if any of you with HTC 8x's know about this.


HTC Trophy.JPG