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    Using a projector with a monitor at 2 different resolutions

    I have 2 questions about using a projector:
    1. If I have a graphics card in my computer with two VGA ports, am I able to connect a projector to one port, and a monitor to another port, and have the projector run at a resolution of 1024 X 768 while the monitor runs at a resolution of 1920 X 1024?

    2. Is there any disadvantage to this setup?

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    You should be able to configure the two monitors with different resolutions. In fact, you should make your actual monitor the primary display, and extend the display to the projector (i.e. the 2nd monitor). Then, when you show your presentation, you can specify the "external" (i.e. the 2nd monitor or projector) as the monitor to show the presentation on (Powerpoint allows you to show the presentation on the "external" monitor.).

    This gives you a huge advantage -- Monitor # 1 has the regular Powerpoint screen, with all of the controls, thumbnails of the slides, Windows screens, etc; whereas monitor # 2 shows only the presentation.

    There is absolutely no negative with this setup, and all positive, in my opinion. It is the way I always do presentations.

    In fact, the only thing you would gain by any other setup is that if you showed the same thing on both monitors, you could see on your monitor what is being shown on the projector. But since the resolutions would be different, this gain would be reduced somewhat, because you wouldn't see EXACTLY what was being shown on the projector.

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