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    Mixed Heading Numbering Schemes in One Document

    Hello All!

    This might sound crazy but I need to know if it is possible for Word 2007 to use 2 different numbering schemes in one document (Mixing Arabic with Roman numbers). I have searched and searched for an answer but I can't find any info on this. I suppose it's because who would EVER in their right mind want to do this to begin with? Our customers seem to want to do this all the time. Their requests for proposals come out with their own outline numbering and then we try to answer to each heading/item in Word. The only solution I can find is to hand-type and abandon using auto numbering of the headings all together. We hate to remove autonumbering since we insert Table/Figure captions and cross-references too. This is the only forum I know that I will either get a method to do mixed autonumbering or be told it's impossible.

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    Yes, you can define a number scheme with a different number format for each level, if you want to--though that might be a bit much (I.A.a.i.01.One.1st.00001.•). You can customize an applied built-in number scheme by changing the Number style for this level in the Define new Multilevel list dialog or the Define new list style > Modify Multilevel List dialog.

    You might be able to include the 1.1.1 numbering in the same list if all numbering levels are not used for the main list.

    If not, you can create more than one multilevel list in a document. Note, though, that a paragraph style can only be linked to one list and there are no restart abilities between lists. In addition to linking different paragraph styles to the list level for the second list, I would create a multilevel list style for each list and name the ListNum field for each list.
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    The only thing I would add to Pam's directions (above) is to recommend that you name your unique numbering sets something other than "Heading 1" or "List Paragraph 1." In our office we call our outline autonumbering styles L1 (L=Level, referring to the levels of numbers in an outline), L2, L3, etc.

    And create your autonumbering styles with unique names BEFORE you try to attach the outline levels to those uniquely-named styles. You can set up the actual formatting AFTER you set up the outline and update each style later.

    One benefit of giving each autonumbering style a unique name other than "Heading 1" or "List 1" is that you can copy and paste the autonumbered text from this document into another new clean Word window or any other document, and the autonumbered/uniquely named styles will come into the new document with the copy/pasted text and retain their original formatting, because you're NOT subjecting the copied text to the vagaries of other "List 1" formatting that may already exist in the new clean Word window.
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