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    location of pst files

    Using Office 2007 on a Windows 7 machine, I recently started getting this message as Outlook opens: desktop\backup contacts.pst cannot be found I have to clik cancel four times to get into my inbox. Outlook functions normally after that. When I use the search available on the START menu I get three files:
    in the app data\local\microsoft\archive 3,285,521 kb and outlook 722,441 kb (both with current dates)
    in the desktop\backup contacts 566,697 dated 12/28/11

    I do not see that last file on my desktop, however.

    How can I get all the files in the right place and avoid the initial message?

    I have read that there are size limits to pst files. Is that an issue?

    Paul H

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    Go to Control Panel, and open up the Mail icon. Click the Data Files button. You will see the list of files that Outlook tries to open when you open Outlook. The easiest way to fix the problem is to remove what you don't want, or what is incorrect, from this list. You can then open it again in Outlook if you want to; once you have opened it again in Outlook, it will have the correct path, because you had to actually search for and find it in order to open it.

    If you want to, after removing items from the list, and before opening Outlook, you can move files to where you want them before opening them in Outlook. Then open them in Outlook in the new location.

    If your PST files are less than 10 years old, it is very likely that they are Unicode, not ANSI. ANSI had a 2 GB limit; Unicode has a 50 GB limit, but it is limited to 20 GB by default. For more info about this, go here:

    ...and here:

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