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    Project Gutenberg problem: can't go to pages for individual books

    For some reason, when I go to Project Gutenberg, I can get the "Books Posted or Updated" page, but when I try to go to a particular book's page, I get "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /ebooks/42055 on this server." (or whatever the book's number is) The page I get is entitled 403 Forbidden. This is true with Firefox, IE, and Chrome. I get the same message when I try to go to the "Report errors" page. I thought the problem might be McAfee Internet Security, but a tech for that company turned off their protection for me, and I still had the problem. I'm using Windows 7, and this just started in the last couple of weeks or so. I'm using NoScript, or the Chrome equivalent, but there's no indication that my computer is blocking any scripts.

    Help, please. Thanks!

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    FWIW I just tried using FF 18.0.2 and NoScript and had no problems. I even navigated to your sample book by directly inputting the book number w/o problem. I also got there from the home page. You may have a DNS problem but since you can get to the main page that doesn't sound likely.
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