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    Windows Movie Maker dropping recorded subtitles

    I am hard of hearing and watch TV with subtitles. I use Media Center to record TV shows and when the .wtv file is played on the PC the recorded subtitles are still there. However, I wish to transfer the file to a DVD so that I can play it through a standard DVD player on my TV. It appears that Windows Live Movie Maker is the only app that can read .wtv files and then save them as .wmv files. I have made several recordings in this way by asking WMM to burn the file to DVD - which is done using Windows DVD Maker.

    The problem is that only about 1 in 4 of these final DVD's includes the subtitles and occasionally even the sound track is missing. I have seen some criticism of WLMM and some users have reverted to WMM 6. I have not gone this route as yet but wondered if anyone out there has a suggestion to overcome this problem. I have tried several video conversion apps but it seems that .wtv is a Windows only feature.

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