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    What to make of these "invalid programs"?

    I installed Advanced UnInstaller Pro and am trying to familiarize myself with it. The first thing I see when I go to uninstall a program is a list of all the installed programs, of course. What is perplexing here is that there are four programs that have a little red X icon and when I look at the properties of any of these, it says it is an invalid program. Three of these invalid programs have a long string of letters and numbers rather than a name, and they were all installed in 2008. The fourth invalid program is Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool, which was installed in March 2012.

    I am not aware of any problems caused by them. The XP system's Add or Remove Programs Currently Installed Programs shows no invalid programs. CCleaner's list of installed programs shows only Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool and there is no indication of its being invalid.

    What should I do about these invalid programs? What are they exactly? I'm inclined to do nothing, since they don't seem to because any problems.


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    They sound like a "feature" of that application. To be sure you would need to try other similar applications (revo, etc.) and see if they all agree.

    However, it would probably be a big investment of time for little gain.
    Unless they take up a bunch of harddrive space, I'd just leave them.


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    I think doing nothing seems adequate to me. I tend not to rely too much on these tools and I worry about real problems. If you are not experiencing any problems, don't worry about it.

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