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    Removing Malware

    Quote Originally Posted by cybercrone View Post
    Whoo - hope thisgoes well.

    but please, PLEASE, can we have a special forum area for malware problems?
    Cybercrone, the following web sites may provide helpful information:

    When you’re trying to remove malware, pick a day when you are not rushed and take your time to think through the problem. Malware is becoming more and more sophisticated and may require more than one method to remove it completely.

    Be cautious in downloading programs from the web. Using a reputable site such as CNET is not a guarantee you won’t wind up with malware. Some users commented on this site that a program, highly rated by the editors, had raised havoc with their computers. This program was supposed to enable one to send ecards. (I’ve had good luck with this site, but the reader comments have made me realize that no site is fool proof.)

    If you have any doubts about a program, talk to a knowledgeable person before downloading it. It may even be worthwhile to pay your computer repair person for his or her advice.

    Good luck avoiding malware and removing it.


    I also am concerned about avoiding and removing malware.
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