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Thread: pc syncing

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    pc syncing

    I had been a happy user of Windows Mesh to sync three Win 7 pcs. That capability was schedled to be discontinued yesterday.

    The MS replacement does not meet my desire, since I have to move everything to a folder and change all of my program data file references to this new folder.

    Cubby seems okay, but it seems very clumsy to use (unless I just haven't learned how properly yet) and fragmented. [One major advantage: I am a frequent and very happy user of logmein, put out by the same people.] It also gets expensive for the sync-only mode (w/o on-line storage).

    Allway sync looks interesting but unfinished.

    Spideroak looks like it has great security, but with only 2 GB of free storage, it becomes costly to use it for other than the most precious data.

    There are, of course, many others.

    My needs are simple:
    - Keep at least the most important, frequently-used files synced between three pcs.
    - Do not need on-line storage if the syncing can be done without it (or with only temporary on-line storage until all three pcs have been updated).
    - Care-free, automatic operation. [My SyncToy days are over.]
    - Low or no cost.

    I am interested in what other users have found suitable.

    I am further interested in whether I could use two ot more of the available systems, each covering different folders.

    Also, is there anything else I should have asked but didn't? If so, what would you advise in that area.

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