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    Duplicate email windows 7/Windows live and live mail

    I'm not sure when it happened, but its getting old.
    I have duplicate email. I orginally started with ""
    I got this new laptop in the fall (2012). Is it beacuse Windows Live essentials is loaded as a program?
    I don't use any of the other like messenger....or what ever else.
    Should I remove Windows Live essentials from running program?
    Will I loose exsisting folders I have saved?

    Lately i have used hot mail...which updated me to Outlook, and I have no duplicates there.
    Suggestions and directions welcome.


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    Hi sassysaucer,

    I suggest using Windows Live Mail 2012
    then set it up like this:-
    Get a Microsoft Account, i.e. a account, or the latest version called, and use it to sign-in to WLM. Store all your contacts in your or account, using .CSV file format to export / import them.

    Set the account/s you use to be accessible using POP. My Gmail messages are archived when accessed with POP, so I never lose them unless I delete them. IMAP can also be enabled if you need it to access your account using other applications.

    WLM can send / receive from any account, using as many as you need, and you don't have to manually input mail addresses when sending an Email if signed-in.

    On signing-in to WL Mail, it will add your Hotmail / Outlook account. When all it's folders have been downloaded, it can safely be removed if you don't want it. Now your account can be added.
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