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    office starter edition

    In Woody leonards latest column about the different versions of the Office 365 suites, he didn't write how to get the free starter edition. It came with my Vaio laptop bought a year and half ago and didn't use it but a few times. When I went to pull it up from programs menu it wouldn't come up. I didn't know it had an expiration with it or does it. Is there any way I can re-aquire it from MS or Sony? I have no idea why it quit. Actually I tried it again just now after a few months and it says it's installed but is asking me for an activation key and I know I've used it before. I just don't understand it if it's supposed to be free and it let me use it a few times in the past.
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    The Starter Edition is being phased out. These were just stripped down versions of the Office products. The hope with these Starter Editions was that users would like these and buy the actual Office Suite.
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    Uninstall any trial versions of Office you may have.

    See if Office Starter is listed in Control Panel >Program and features. If it is, right click on it, select change, and then repair.

    If its not listed, the only other option is to restore the laptop to factory state after backing up all your data. You would then have to also reistall all your programs.


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