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    Cool powerpoint vba help

    Hi, everyone how do i make a vba for office 2010 power point I want to make a loading screen for it and I want to know how to lock it and make it a full screen and cant get out in less you click on exit,, how can i do these things. And I want all keys and ctrl +alt+delete, short cut, and how to make it start up when windows boots, and could you give me some tips on how to use vba more because I am an visual basic 6.0 expert and I just don't know how to link vba to power point. thanks for your time. Sorry don't know where to post this in the forum. But Iv been searching for a vba powerpoint on and still having trouble to find vba for powerpoint. how do i make it so that when you want to exit that you click on exit and it exits with out just exiting with powerpoint, and I put the password in but i don't remember it is there a way to unlock it. or do i have to do it all over aging.
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    Can you break this multi-pronged request into a more cohesive set of requirements? I am having trouble understanding exactly what you require.

    If you want the document to open in screen show mode and exit the application when you close it then you simply save the presentation in slideshow format (.ppsx).
    If you want it to open with Windows, put a copy of that file into the Windows Startup folder.
    Neither of these requires VBA.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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