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    Windows 7 VPN - unable to resolve NBT names and no network discovery

    I have created an incoming VPN network connection (using Windows 7 'incoming' connection') on the host computer and an outgoing VPN connection on the remote computer (also with Win7). The connection is successful and I can map a network drive on the host if I use \\<ip address>\share. If I try to access the host via \\<NBT name>\share, it fails to connect and ping fails as well. If I disable the win7 firewall on the remote, then I can resolve the NBT name via ping and \\<NBT name>\share. I don't know what else I need to add to the "add programs to communicate through Windows Firewall" list, but I have the following enabled:

    - File and Printer sharing
    - Homegroup
    - Network Discovery
    - Routing and remote access (even though that only applies to incoming connections)
    - Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (same as above)

    Also, network discovery never works, whether or not I have the firewall enabled or disabled.
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