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    Is it possible to temporarily disconnect a network printer?

    I am running an imaging.scanner (Lasersoft Imaging SilverFast) software designed for a Epson V700 scanner. The software itself has been running into serious problems - I have been in touch with the tech support, and they say that the software cannot run when another printer/scanner is attached!

    I have a a MG6200 Canon multiuse printer/scanner connected to both my pc and to a network. (I am not sure I need both the network and usb connections, I did not set this up....)

    Anyway, I can easily disconnect the printers USB cable, but is there a way that I can "temporarily" disconnect my PC (which runs the SilverFast software) from the network printer devices (MG6200), or from the network itself ?

    By temporary, I mean for a short period of time, disable the device until i am done using the SilverFast software, then re-enabling/enabling/reconnecting/ the device without reinstalling and settign up a new network.

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    Have you tried just unplugging the USB connection to the Canon to see if that solves the problem? There is no real need for having it connected both ways if it has true network capabilites, which I feel certain that it does.
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