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    ASUS SoundMAX 5.1 Surround Problem

    I have a PC with an ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard which has an integrated SoundMAX audio chipset. The computer is running Win7 Home Professional 64bit. The latest audio drivers available at the ASUS website are installed, and it is the only driver available for Win7, so there is no driver version history to traverse on this issue.

    Issue is: Rear audio speakers in a 5.1 set are silent for any media output. HOWEVER, the sound check built into the driver works for all 5.1 channels.

    Different media players have been tried (WMP vs Winamp, for instance) but have not provided any settings that will bring the rear channel alive. The previous OS on the machine (XP) and a first install of Win7 both had a working rear channel. About a year ago, a hard drive failure resulted in a re-installation of Win 7 on a new drive. At that time, the rear channel fell silent to all media applications. An argument could be made that a stereo CD shouldn't play as 5.1 anyway, and I would agree with that - more or less - but even a current movie on DVD doesn't play in surround sound, so that's a little strange. Again, the driver's built in sound check works in all 5 speakers.

    Any suggestions? Anyone get over this hurdle? I'm getting nothing but dead ends out there in the forums-at-large.

    Something REALLY helpful would be a link to whoever it is that makes the SoundMAX chipset so as to be able to D/L manufacturer drivers in much the same way that it's better to get NVIDIA drivers right from the source. But it seems the SoundMAX people are a but elusive.

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    Go into Control Panel > Sound > playback tab and see if the Rear Speakers are listed and not enabled.


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