I have been looking at the Windows Contacts app that is part of Windows 7 off an on for awhile. I did notice that there is a tab-field for digital IDs that are associated with a card. But, I don't understand how it can be used when associated with a particular contact card.

I'm asking because I recently obtained digital IDs from Comodo for emailing from Outlook 365. I had thought that the IDs that are used in Outlook would also be added to the Contacts card that is in the Windows account that I log into when I do email (I do NOT use an email app in my Administrator account, in an effort to reduce the amount of damage a worm or Trojan can do on my machine). I found that the digital IDs were not added to my Contact card, and I also found that the export format of Outlook does not match a format that the Windows 7 Contact can read.

So I am now wondering why Microsoft included a 'basic app' - Contacts - that can't be utilized easily. It's almost like Contacts is a digital equivalent of an appendix in the human body. I did conduct several searches, but my queries did not unearth any information for attaching digital IDs to a Contacts card.

Even if Windows Contacts is used only my Windows Mail...I'm curious as to why I can't add a digital ID to a particular card. Unless...is Windows Mail the only app that can write to Contacts?