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    Office 365—install on machines in more than one household?

    I've been reading about Office 365, and I'm really interested. In my house, I have one PC and one MacBook Pro. (I understand the unfortunate limitations of Office 365 on the Mac: MS-Access and MS-Publisher can't play. That disappoints me, especially about Access, but that's another issue.) Here's my real question. My two school-age grandchildren have their own laptop computers, but neither child has Microsoft Office for use at home. I'm thinking: Why not subscribe to Office 365 and simply install it on all four machines? These kids don't live under my roof; they don't even live in the same town, but so what ... ? So far, I haven't read anything online that says I can't do this. Have I overlooked anything?

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    No, it doesn't seem like you did. They will have to validate their copies of Office using your Microsoft account details, (username and password), so you will have do the install for them or just simply give them those details. Other than that, it seems to me to be a good use of the subscription perks.

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    It does appear the license just says up to 5 PCs. It appears it does not specify where you can install them. As discussed in another thread this edition technically cannot be used for business use, but for home use, it does not stop you from installing on 5 PCs. I am not a lawyer and have not read the Eula, just the info on the web site.
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    Microsoft could know something is fishy if collecting usage (phone home) info when two of the per household license systems never have matching I.P. addresses, but I doubt they would ever act on such info. More importantly would be to set up a stand alone account maybe since other systems at large will have access to the same account's Sky Drive and Skype, etc., and also need to have the log in credentials as mentioned already.

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    The web site clearly says up to 5 devices per HOUSEHOLD. See Office 365. That said, I'm not sure how closely Microsoft will check the activations but they may. I guess it depends on how you want to define household.

    Also, Office 2013 requires Windows 7 or Windows 8. In the MAC world OSX 10.5.8 or higher. See System requirements for the new Office for more details.


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