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    keyboard footswitch

    Years ago I had a footswitch that connected between the keyboard and the CPU (I think maybe it was a 386 running Win 3.1). Nice thing about the footswitch, which looked like a dictation control, was that one side was a "shift" key and the other side was a "control" key. After a short time getting used to it, I really found it useful. Best I can tell, no one makes anything like it. Perhaps it went the way of the center mouse button, but I sure miss it. Any thoughts?

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    Re: keyboard footswitch

    What happened to the centre mouse button? My mouse (6 months old) has 3 buttons, and a scroll stick.

    At work, we're buying computers shipped with scroll mice, where the wheel, when pressed down, is the centre button.

    As for the footswitch, I've not heard of anything like that. What would the benefit of that be? Other than no longer getting a 'pinky' workout... I personally don't see one...

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