Somehow, lots of us are getting inundated with new junk mail. I am guessing someone found a way in the university firewall and did LDAP searches to mine email address.

So I say, no problem, I will use the (in)famous Junk Mail filter. Then I discovered (again!) the inflexible nature of the beast. It has (sorta) hidden, unmodifiable criteria that it filters mail with and of course it filters legitimate mail that I don't want to go directly to the deleted items. You would think that with all the time to get this one right by Outlook XP, they would have, but NOOO! So I say to myself, I will make my own filter. Gotcha! - there is no easy way to duplicate the junk senders list and you can't easily cut and paste or drag the addresses from the existing junk senders list to a mailing list. Even if you do take the time to cut and past them into a mailing list on your contacts, you can't use it with a filter, only list them separately. Plus there isn't a way (that I have found) to duplicate the ability to right click an offending address and add it to the junk list like you can on the Junk Mail filter.

Microsoft! Are you listening?? Make the Junk Mail Filter customizable!!!

Meanwhile, has anyone figured out a way to create a junk mail list that you can add to from a right click? I would also like to add domains as well as complete addresses to that list as well.