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    Buy or Rent a Cable Modem?

    Brighthouse, our cable company, just changed their terms of service. They now want to charge $3.50 a month for the cable modem. I took a look on eBay and Amazon and it appears I can replace it with an identical one for between $15 (used) to $50 new. That gives a good payoff time but I am concerned about what happens if I have networking problems. I also noted however that if I want to move to faster cable service I need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem which costs a little more.

    I have never had a modem problem in the 10+ years being on cable but we do have a lot of thunder storms. If I own rather than rent and lose connectivity, they can tell me my modem is at fault and I am offline until I can get a replacement. For that matter, if I have any problems, they can blame it on my modem and I am screwed. Also, if I buy a used modem, how can I tell if it works and works on Brighthouse?

    Does anyone have experience with owning their cable modem and can give me some advice. Is it worth the risk to save a little money?


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    Check the Brighthouse support web site for modem compatibility.

    If Brighthouse supports DOCSIS 3.0 you should definitely get that type of modem. I never had a problem with our cable provider when I had my own modem for about 8 - 10 years. As part of some "deal" and "upgrade" I had to start using a modem from Charter but am not being charged separately for it. I think they have figured out that if they include the modem in the basic fess they eventually get surety about the devices on their network.


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    Like Joe, I have been using my own cable modem on Comcast for more than 8 years and have never had a problem with Comcast support. They have been over twice to relay my incoming cable when I had internet connection issues and they never questioned my modem as the cause. They measured the incoming signal and could tell it wasn't up to snuff.


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