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    Cannot delete account in Thunderbird

    I recently changed ISP from Verizon to Comcast.

    I set up a new account in TB to access my email from Comcast. When I try to delete the old Verizon account, the "Remove Account" option is not available. The Comcast account is set as the default.

    TB says the Verizon account is a "Special account with no identities".

    I searched the Forum for this problem but the only posts refer to a very old version of TB. I have the latest version (17.0.3).

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    I have just installed Thunderbird and had a few problems making it work - it is how my ISP implements smtp.

    My problem seems to be similar to yours - an account cannot be removed.

    On first occassion I "messed up" then decided to uninstall and re-install. The errorneous email address was still present. I removed Thunderbit and browsed for Thunderbird-related files that were still present. There was one in C/users/my_account/AppData/Local and one in Roaming (NB. I am using Windows 7). I removed both and re-installed and was able to set up smtp as advised and Thunderbird is now working.


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