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    Have you tried converting the pdf to text ( then you can copy and paste the text from the text document directly
    hope this helps^^

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    Thanks Saintsraw

    I have how found a very good solution, I download the free Acrobat Pro 7 from the Adobe site, which worked very well, it load all text into memory and then you can paste where you want it.

    The other day I found a free copy of free Acrobat Pro 8 at so I will upgrading to that.

    Thanks again for coming back to me.

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    Thank you okln. The link you gave requires a search. Here is the link to the download for Acrobat Pro 8. Be sure to read the admonitions because this is an older program.

    Two points::

    One admonition to anyone reading this thread: Converted documents can look great, but the formatting is almost always trash, regardless of which program does the conversion. Even a Word document saved as pdf and then converted back to Word is going to have junk formatting. These documents should not be used as the basis for new documents. Instead, just paste the plain text and do any formatting in Word (preferably using Styles).

    PDFs can have embedded text or can just be a picture. If just a picture, an OCR conversion is needed. You can tell by whether you can select individual words in a pdf or just get an entire page selected. If the latter, you need to do the OCR conversion before trying to paste into Word.
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