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    OPERA - speeddial + personal bookmark questions

    On a SECOND computer I installed Opera 12.14 and did an EXPORT/IMPORT from the computer I am now on which uses Opera 11.64.
    Both computers use Windows XP.

    The EXPORT file was in the Opera ".adr" format.
    I posted in Opera forums and did not get an accurate answer.
    They said that ALL info is contained in the ".adr" file.

    PROBLEMS >>>
    1) The Opera Speeddial does not appear like the one I exported from.
    Only the Opera DEFAULT boxes appear.

    2) Opera does stupid stuff and now calls it the PERSONAL BOOKMARKS bar ( I think ).
    This appears at the top of the Opera window and you can drag internet sites to that bar just as if you had bookmarked them in FAVORITES OR BOOKMARKS.
    However the icons appear as YELLOW STARS and you must click on EACH ONE to get them to turn to the CORRECT icon eg a YELLOW STAR turns to the W for Wikipedia.
    This is very tedious and needless.

    3) The SIZE of the PERSONAL BOOKMARKS bar is about TWICE the size of the bar on my Opera 11.64 version and the icons WRAP over 3 LINES vs onl 1 1/2 lines in the Opera 11.64 I am using now.
    This eats up screen real estate.

    4) Posts in other forums ie Opera tell me to copy certain files.
    They give me the paths, but they DON'T exist in my computer...........maybe Win 7.
    Nobody EVER mentions the possibility of turning on the SHOW ALL FILES option.
    Is this the problem in not finding the files with the paths given in the answers to my posts ?

    I can't believe Opera would do something so stupid and complicated as to needing to SHOW ALL FILES just to move bookmarks and speeddial.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry to hear you're having these problems. First, have you tried the Opera Link feature? I have this enabled on three computers on my local system and they automatically synchronize themselves.
    Also, one of my favorite features of Opera is the ability to easily change/alter anything. Usually, a simple right click on a toolbar lets you change any of its properties (size, location, etc.). I love the Bookmarks bar and use it regularly. Mine works as it should. Not sure why you're seeing stars. When you drag an address to it, do you drag from the 'favicon'? This has always worked for me. You can also select, "Show on Bookmarks bar" from the Bookmarks/Personal Bar menu. Also, if you go into "Appearance" after right clicking on Bookmarks bar, you can set "No Wrapping" to prevent the bar from getting larger. Gook luck!

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