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    I, too, just took the plunge, somewhat reluctantly and for the same or similar reasons as BATcher. I had tried, unsuccessfully, to install IE 9 on three different pc's, two laptops one running Win 7 Home Premium, one actually Vista, and a Win 7 Home Premium desktop as well. All three are 64 bit systems. On each pc shortly after IE9's release, after installing Windows itself was broken to the point I could not run any Windows function at all! It would generate an "Explorer restarting", NOT INTERNET Explorer just Explorer. On each I then had to boot into Safe Mode to uninstall. And lately I had issues with IE8 "Not responding", but only with the 32 bit version. 64 bit ran ok. Ie 10, however is running, so far, quite well, so BATcher may want to now give it a try.

    One question, though: Before I had two entries, one specifically for the 64-bit version, now there is only one. I read elsewhere on the forum that the installer installed both versions. Is that correct? if, so, where are the two different versions?
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    This may not be accurate but I read somewhere that IE 10 opens tabs in 32bit or something like that.
    It was all rather confusing to me.
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