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    How do I change user accounts? Can't create new user

    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, and about six months ago I switched my personal User Account from administrator to standard. I made the second User account the Admin.

    Now when I try to reverse that, I cannot. It won't let me.

    Nor can I create a new standard account (which I would choose to make the Admin account). Windows refuses to let me create a new account.

    When trying to create a new Standard user, I'm told that I cannot. I get the message:
    The specified account name is invalid because user names cannot contain the following character: (All sorts of characters including + and >< ... which I have not chosen).

    So how do I correct this? What are the chances that reinstalling on top of my existing installation will resolve tis?

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    Are you trying to delete or create these accounts from the Administrator account? That's where these type of changes must be done. Standard user accounts will not allow these type of changes.

    Have you tried to use the hidden built in Administrator Account, not the Administrator account that was created for you?
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